This program is grouped into age-specific levels for ages 5-8 years. (2.9-year-olds are accepted if fully potty trained) These classes meet once a week and last one hour. Each class begins with a brief sharing time. Class continues with Ballet and Tap.


Ballet is a joyful way for children to explore movement through music, develop physical skills, channel energy, stimulate imagination and promote creativity. Ballet enhances a child's posture, grace, poise, coordination, balance, flexibility, and musicality. TAP is a child's first introduction to how fun dance can be. Tap class, students will learn simple tap steps and use their feet to create rhythmic patterns and timely beats.


A graded program from beginner through advanced. In this class emphasis is placed on proper technique and style. Ballet enhances a child's posture, grace, poise, coordination, balance, flexibility, and musicality. 


One of the most enjoyable and typical American dance forms, invaluable for its development of rhythm. Tap class, students will learn tap steps and use their feet to create rhythmic patterns and timely beats.


Open to students 10 years and older who have developed the strength to work successfully and without exposure to physical injury.


A contemporary form of dance incorporating musical theatre styles and based on movement using contemporary, Broadway and pop music.


This program incorporates Jazz and Hip Hop in one class. This program teaches jazz techniques and combines the movement of hip-hop utilizing pop music. The combination of the two is ideal for the 6-8-year-old students.


An enjoyable form of street-like dancing with fun pop music incorporated with the development of proper technique. Hip Hop is a high energy street style of dance. This class is for energetic students who love to move! Music is age appropriate and will encourage an engaging, high-energy class. 


Open to students 8 and older who want to explore dance through creativity and an individualistic approach. Dancer must be enrolled in Ballet class to enroll in this program.


Acro classes are designed for children. DGAD’s Acro classes teach children the basic fundamentals of acrobatics. Children attending acrobatics classes learn how to work together, consisting of acrobatic tricks, dance and tumbling and set to music. DGAD’s Acro classes not only teach kids the fundamentals of Acro, but also help children build Flexibility, Strength, Balancing, Limbering and Tumbling.


We’ll bring out your little ones inner spirit as we introduce them to the beginning skills that cheerleading teams require. For the more advanced cheerleader, we will move on to advanced tumbling and stunting skills that are needed on and off the field. Each class, they’ll partake in tumbling, cheers, motion technique, chants, drills, stretches, jumps, and a high-energy dance routine. Our pep rally also focuses on teamwork, building trust, and channeling their “inner leader” with cheer posters, so they can bring their “rahs” home to you.



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