It has been proven that gymnastics is a confidence building sport that improves overall fitness, muscle strength, balance, agility, coordination, mental focus, cognitive skills and social skills. Gymnastics sets the basis for any sport. Positive coaching and goal oriented teaching techniques are the foundation of our program. 



Creative Jam (10 months - 3 years of age)

45 minutes

Please see our Creative Jam Program

Little Explorers (3-4)

60 minutes (independent class, no parents on big blue)

Children's activities continue to foster independent work, introduce separation and teach children to set behavioral limits for themselves, while instilling pride in their accomplishments. Children are encouraged to take audio direction rather than visually mimicking activities.

Little Dreamers (5-7)

60 minutes

Where it all begins! The forward roll, cartwheel, pull-over and handstand are just some of the exciting fundamental gymnastics skills that will be introduced in this beginner gymnastics class.  

Big Dreamers (8-12)

60 minutes

This intermediate gymnastics class will challenge your children to greater heights as they jump on springboards, pull themselves over the bar and leap over mats! More basic Gymnastics will be taught in a fun and safe environment.

Advanced Gymnastics (13+)

60 minutes

As the gymnasts skills have developed, strength has increased, focus has lengthened and awareness has peaked, they approach some of the most complex and intricate skills in gymnastics! It’s not just about skills, however… conditioning and flexibility play a huge role as the difficulty level has been amplified exponentially! The fun is now found in the weekly challenges and the thirst to finally land that flip, do that tumbling pass without being spotted.



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