Are you looking for a program that provides structured, daily opportunities for your child to engage in recreational activities? Look no further than C.A.M.P! Our program provides campers with the opportunity to socialize with their peers, build relationships, and support individual growth. From gym time to group games to arts and crafts, our activities are designed to promote fun and encourage camper development.
CAMP RequirementsBe the minimum age of 3 and fully potty trained. Be able to interact in a 4:1 participant to staff ratio. Complete application with all documentation, birth certificate, immunization records. On the first day of C.A.M.P. each camper will have their photo taken
What you'll learn:Our C.A.M.P. program provides structured, daily opportunities for campers to engage in recreational activities designed to promote peer-to-peer socialization, foster relationship building and support individual growth. Activities range from group games to gym time to arts and crafts.
You can pick a day or a week here, a day or a week there, take a few weeks off, come back to camp again! Come and go to camp whenever you want all summer.

Every no school Camp Day is filled with fun games, engaging activities, new friends, and plenty of opportunities to explore. (No school days include: all Summer long, Thanksgiving break, Christmas break, February & April vacation)

In one day, your child will participate in:
● Sensory Art (a hands-on approach to art - we use a lot of paint!)
● Ninja (improves flexibility, strength, tumbling, obstacle maneuvers, and the discipline found in martial arts.
● A 45-minute Structured Gymnastics class (improves and influences both Fine, and Gross Motor Skills)
● A 45-minute Structured Dance class (improves and influences both Fine, and Gross Motor Skills)
● Dramatic Play (teaches and encourages expressive language amongst peers)
● STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). STEM helps children become creators, thinkers, problem solvers, doers, innovators, and inventors in the real world)
● Open Gym (an opportunity for children to explore and manipulate areas that they enjoy, and to learn to navigate social relationships with peers that can be deemed as “playground politics”)

Our staff members are trained professionals who know how to make sure every single day is an exciting one at camp. They’ll be there by your side every step of the way so you can rest easy knowing they’re having a blast while building their social skills too! Join us this year for an unforgettable experience that kids won’t soon forget! Sign up today on our website before spots fill up fast!
You can pick a day or a week here, a day or a week there, take a few weeks off, come back to camp again! Come and go to camp whenever you want all summer. 
Our leadership team has created an encouraging, respectful and safe environment. Every no school Camp day is filled with fun games, engaging activities, new friends, and plenty of opportunities to explore.

We offer morning sessions from 9am-12pm or Full Day so you can choose the option that works best for your family’s schedule! Our CAMP is day by day or week by week. Pick and choose your own days all school vacation and summer long! Campers will be divided into age groups where they will participate in small group activities led by trained counselors who are dedicated to promoting positive behavior through encouragement and empowerment. All of our staff is carefully selected based on their ability to foster an inclusive environment where all children feel welcome and supported throughout each day at camp. Your child will love spending time with us here at CAMP! We look forward to seeing you soon!
• Structured, daily activities allow for socialization and development• Fun recreational activities encourage creativity and exploration• Group games provide an opportunity for teamwork• Arts and crafts help children express themselves creatively• 7-week program allows for long-term relationships to form• Structured activity time that encourages socialization and development• Fun, engaging activities that promote summertime recreation• Supportive environment for camper growth and relationships• 7 weeks of programming for a memorable summer experience• Affordable rates to fit any budget


Dramatic Play

Dramatic play permits children to fit the reality of the world into their own interests and knowledge. This type of play includes role-playing, puppetry, and fantasy play. By acting out experience, children have the opportunity to come into contact with reality. It is constructive for children to remember situations through play and to have the opportunity to repeat them and work through them.

Our Dramatic play center is a place students can go to pretend, imagine, and be creative. Students can pretend to be anyone and do anything! This is powerful for our little learners. It is a place that promotes high-level thinking, problem solving, turn taking, and is rich place for teaching vocabulary. Students can learn and develop skills in all learning domains (language, literacy, math, science, social studies, fine motor, gross motor, and social skills) through pretend play.

Outdoor & Water Exploration

Outdoor fun will be highlighted with our very own blast zone pirate bay combo water park and bounce blast zone! Campers get a “bite” every time they play with our pool filled with magnetic fish and ducks. They will build essential eye/hand coordination at the same time! Our outdoor exploration center will have campers climbing, jumping and playing in our sand box.

This is your campers chance to experience it all as we will go on many adventures to the oceans of the Sea and the trails of Neverland. Your adventure will be fun and rewarding!

Sensory ArtConsists of specific art activities that relate to your child’s senses such as touch, sight, sound, smell and taste. By providing a variety of sensory play activities children will naturally learn how to explore, investigate, and create. These are the beginning steps to raising creative thinkers. The art activities we plan are designed to provide your child an opportunity to explore and create through the sense of touch. It is important to remember that sensory art is about the process and exploration and not the end result of the artwork. Our focus is to allow the children to have fun and explore!
STEM Experiments
Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math are key areas for building knowledge and shaping the future of young kids. STEM is hands-on learning that applies to the world around us. STEM builds and teaches creativity, problem solving, life skills, ingenuity, resourcefulness, patience, curiosity. STEM is what shapes the future as our world grows and changes. Children thrive with STEM activities, whether it be in its successes or failures, STEM activities push kids to expand their horizons, experiment, problem solve, and accept failure as a means to success.