Summer Programs


Looking for something fun and active for the kids this summer? Diversity strengthens all of us here at The Dance & Gymnastics Academy of Dartmouth, we welcome everyone!  
Summer IS THE BEST TIME to both begin and to continue Dance, Gymnastics or Ninja while having a blast. Is your child ready to get started? Is your child just starting out or perhaps looking to take your training to the next level? Your little ones will love our dance and gymnastic classes, where they can learn styles of dance.
They’ll be climbing, dancing, flipping and tumbling their way around the center in no time!
Dream Big, Start Small and Act NOW!


CREATIVE JAM PROGRAM - These classes can actually be attended by any kind of caregiver. Creative Jam will provide your children with a strong emotional, social and physical foundations through a range of unique classes. Creative Jam classes can be a fun way to have a meaningful impact on a child’s physical, cognitive and emotional development.
Our Creative Jam Program is an early childhood program designed to merge creative movement, gymnastics, colors, numbers and music to aid in a child’s optimum physical and cognitive growth. Children need more physically oriented play. As a result of this increase in play, they become far less restless and stay much more focused. We have developed and constructed a safe environment for them to learn, grow and explore in an expressive, creative and fun atmosphere.
THE JAM NINJA GYM - All Kidz will benefit from participating in our obstacle-based program. Ninja is obstacle course training that focuses on strength, coordination, balance and fun. Students will also focus on introductory jumping, climbing, and swinging techniques. This program will utilize ninja-style equipment, including obstacle courses and ropes.
From video game fanatics to sport athletes all our Ninja Kidz warriors will stay in shape without thinking they are exercising. All kidz will have a new outlet for fun and creativity. They’ll make friends and have a blast, and improve their overall health with every step, swing, climb, and jump!


MOVE & GROOVE IThis is a program that has been developed to enjoy the benefits of a dance program at an early age. Move & Groove promotes motor skills, coordination, balance, social interaction and the introduction to dance movement in a playful manner. 
MOVE & GROOVE II is for children who wants to express their independence without the assistance of mom or dad. Dancers will experience many styles of dance, including tap, jazz, ballet, acrobatics and hippity hop.
HIPPITY HOP is for ages 4 years to 7 year olds and is mini hip hop! Hippity Hop is a high energy street style of dance. This class is for energetic little ones who love to move! Dancers will learn basic jazz technique and hip hop moves while developing rhythm and confidence. Music is age appropriate and will encourage an engaging, high energy class.
HIP HOP is for ages 8 and above! This high energy class incorporates fun age appropriate music and movement. This class allows the students to move, groove and freestyle to the music. An enjoyable form of street like dancing with fun pop music. Dancers will learn basic jazz technique and hip hop moves while developing rhythm and confidence.
Gymnastics Little Dreamers & Explorers 3+
Where it all begins! The forward roll, cartwheel, pull-over and handstand are just some of the exciting fundamental gymnastics skills that will be introduced in this beginner gymnastics class.

Gymnastics Big Dreamers 8+
These beginner & intermediate gymnastics class will challenge your children to greater heights as they jump on springboards, pull themselves over the bar and leap over mats! More basic Gymnastics will be taught in a fun and safe environment.


For Ages 7-18+

East Coast Edge Intensive is a week long opportunity for the aspiring pre-professional dancer of the East Coast to have the opportunity of training from some of the industries up and coming professionals. East Coast Edge will have master classes, workshops, nutrional health seminars and more! Although most classes will concentrate on technique and learning choreography others are will focus on across the floor progressions, floorwork classes, strength & conditioning, and even classes with industry tips!

This is great for dancers who are looking for the opportunity to push themselves with like minded aspiring and inspiring artists. We welcome dancer's from all studios and companies to come join us and motivate one another the Jamison way.